About Us

AIRSENSE OY is highly specialised in devices and equipment designed exclusively for control, sensing and measurement applications, these devices are the best selection for applications of Building Automation, HVAC/R industry, AHU manufacturers, Cleanrooms, pharma industry, process industry and more. AIRSENSE OY also offers a wide variety of Variable frequency drives, control components and electrical parts. We have a large range of value added products and services to bring more value to your business.

We are paying constant attention to the needs of the market. AIRSENSE OY stands for its innovative and dynamic approach to its offer and for its great flexibility with which it approaches the market and adapts to specific customer needs. Thanks to its long experience in the HVAC/R and building automation field, AIRSENSE OY has successfully introduced new product lines, placing the company at excellent international standard.

Our commitment to supporting OEM’s , System Integrators, panel builders and end users is backed up by years of experience in technology and building long standing relationships and partnership with our customers. We hold true to our mission to contribute to success of our customers.