MM Inclined Liquid Column Manometers

The MM series liquid column manometers are engineered for HVAC/R applications. The MM series devices detect air and non-corrosive gas pressures (differential, vacuum and positive) and provide a clear analog display of the measured values.

The MM series is designed with a reservoir to protect the manometer liquid from leaking into the duct during an overpressure situation.

MM series device features include:

  • field adjustable zero point calibration
  • pressure limit stickers

The MM series device options offer:

  • level bubble
Inclined tube manometerS
Product Measurement range (Pa) Product code
MM±50  -50…0…50 107.001.001
MM100 0…100 107.002.001
MM±100500  -100…0…500 107.003.001
MM200600 0…200…600 107.004.001
MM5001500 0…500…1500 107.005.001


Accuracy MM±50: ±1 Pa
MM100: ±1 Pa
MM±100500: -100…0 Pa ±5 Pa, 0…500 Pa ±25 Pa
MM 200600: 0…200 Pa ±5 Pa, 200…600 Pa ±25 Pa
Overpressure Max pressure 200 kPa
Media compatibility Dry air or non-aggressive gases
Measuring units Pa
Environment Operating temperature: -40…+60 ºc
Materials Case: ABS
Cover: PMMA
Knobs: Polycarbonate (PC)
O-ring: Nitrile rubber (NBR)
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