aSENSE CO2 & Temperature Transmitters


aSENSE CO2 & Temperature Transmitters are advanced transmitters for installation in the climate zone. They measures both CO2 concentration and temperature in the ambient air. The data is transmitted to a BMS system or controller using analogue or digital signals (depending on model) and can be configured with UIP Software.

aSENSE™ is a key component for climate control of buildings and other processes. The transmitter is flexible and suits many different ventilation strategies. It is also a cost-efficient gas alarm sensor for spaces where carbon dioxide gas is a potential danger.

LCD Display

The units are avaialable with or without a 7-segment LCD display and some in wall or duct mount enclosures.

RS485 Connectivity

aSense CO2 & temperature transmitters are available with an optional RS485 card for modbus connectivity in, versions with relay outputs for basic control are also available.


aSENSE™ is designed to control ventilation by transmitting the measured carbon dioxide and temperature value to the Master or DDC of the system. A common application is controlling ventilation in rooms with varying numbers of people such as offices, classrooms, and cinemas. The ventilation control is based on temperature and CO2 measurements and helps to save energy and create a healthy indoor environment

045-8-0001 aSENSE No display
045-8-0002 aSENSE Disp Display
045-8-0003 aSENSE RL No display, relay
045-8-0025 aSENSE Disp RL Display, relay
045-8-0028 aSENSE Ind Disp RL Display, relay, protection class IP54
045-8-0029 aSENSE MB RS485 No display, Modbus RS485 communication
Product number  045-8-0001
Measurement range CO2 0 – 2 000 ppm
Accuracy ±30 ppm ±3% of reading
Dimensions 120 mm x 82 mm x 30 mm
Operation temperature range 0 to +50 °C
Operation humidity range 0 to 95% RH (non-condensing)
Power supply 24 VAC/VDC±20%, 50-60 Hz (half-wave rectifier input)
Power Consumtion < 3 Watts average
Communication Uart ( Modbus)
OUT1 linear output 0/2 to 10 V DC or 0/4-20mA (CO2)
OUT2 linear output 0/2 to 10 V DC or 0/4-20mA (°C)