LEAKSENSE LKA-24/230V Leak Alarm


• Multi-voltage: Supply voltage 24V AC/DC or 230V AC
• Selectable reset: auto/manual
• Alarm repeated after 24 h when manually reset
• 2 alarm relays (energized in no-alarm condition)

Our LEAKSENSE LKA-24/230V is designed for monitoring of electrically conductive fluid leakage, such as water. Application example: computer centres, archives, lofts, floor/ceiling structures.
LEAKSENSE LKA-24/230V is fitted to a DIN rail and adapted to ingress protection standards. The sensor tape is installed at the lowest point at the monitoring site.

LEAKSENSE LKA-24/230V measures the resistance in a sensor tape which consists of 2 conductors weaved into a textile strip with an end resistance of 680 kOhm at the farthest end. The resistance changes when water comes into contact with the textile strip and the LEAKSENSE LKA-24/230V activates an alarm. The relays activate alarms and the green LED flashes at 1 Hz when there is an interruption or short circuit in the sensor tape.
The sensor tape can be up to 100 meters long.

Supply voltage:  24V AC/DC or 230V AC
Power consumption: 4 W
Relay outputs:  2×5 A, 250V potential free
switch-over contacts
Max. sensor tape length:  100 metres
End resistance:  680 kOhm
LED indications
Normal state, in operation:   Green, steady light
Short circuit in sensor tape:  Green, flashing at 1 Hz
Interruption in sensor tape:   Green, flashing at 1 Hz
Alarm: Red, steady light
Reset alarm, wet
sensor tape:   Red, flashing at 1 Hz
Alarm repeated after 24h:   Red, flashing at 4 Hz
Ambient temperature:   0-50°C
Enclosure material:   ABS
Assembly:   DIN rail, standard enclosure
Weight:   220 gram
Protection:  IP20

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